Value Chain
Cranes CFS/ICD Operation (Transportation)
Trailer/Domestic Cargo (Includes Factory Stuffing & Destuffing) Base Management
Hydraulic Axies/Volvo MAN Pullers Project Consultancy Servicess
Port Handling Factory to Foundation
A fleet of heavy cranes (Crawler Cranes, Telescopic Cranes, Truck Lattice Cranes and All Terrain Cranes) operate in the most demanding work sites. These cranes are powerful, compact and maneuverable and feature ultra-modern crane technology that satisfies combined road and off-road operating requirements on sites of all kinds worldwide. We offer cranes to the customers for their projects based on technical parameters like Height, Radius and Tonnage. The cranes are operated by specially trained experts.
Trailer/Domestic Cargo (Includes Factory Stuffing & Destuffing)
We provide service of transportation of marine containers from port to factory for destuffing operation (Import) and vice versa (Export).

Trailers are mainly used for Factory stuffing business and for Import and Export movement. We also provide trailers for Empty container movements. We have around 29 Reach stackers of different capacity capable of stacking five high containers.
Hydraulic Axies/Volvo MAN Pullers
In the trailer segment we have different categories of trailers like Low Bed, Semi-Low Bed and High Bed with the Brand make like TATA & Ashok Leyland, to expand our trailer strength. We have also added Volvo and Man Pullers along with Gold Hoffer Axles for easy movement of ODC cargos.

Port Handling
We undertake turnkey contracts to handle the container general cargo, over dimensional and overweight cargo (ODC) from the ships. Our skilled staff ensures smooth movement of the container, not only within the port from the vessel to the warehouse, but also further movement outside the port through to the final destination.
Base Management
At present we are handling offshore rigs at various multinational companies and we can carry out similar kind of activities as per customer requirement.
CFS/ICD Operation (Transportation)
We have extensive experience and proficiency in transporting and handling of the containers from Gateway port to Container Freight Stations and Inland Container Depot. ICD/CFS Management services require expert handling with sound understanding of complex procedures. We have experts capable of handling and managing these transit facilities effortlessly.
Project Consultancy Services
  We also provide other value added services to our customers by way of providing solutions on route survey, exact number of vehicles, equipment and other accessories required for the project. In addition, consultancy regarding load bearing capacity and vehicle fabrication refurbishment is also available to ensure safe and smooth passage of cargo.

Our Equipment Division also delves into providing services like Yard Chartering, Barging, Inland Transportation, Project Registration and Reconciliation, Entire Project Management Solution for Logistics Services, Feasibility Study, Route Survey Jetty Design and Engineering. We are also planning to expand services into Yard Operation and EPC Contractor.
Factory to Foundation
  Allcargo's Factory-to-Foundation service is a one stop solution for your plant construction.