Natural Disaster Relief - Providing immediate and life essential supply of water, food and medicine to regions of India effected by natural disasters such as drought, flood, earthquakes, and other calamities.

Health Care - Critical medical assistance for curative and preventive health care. Make essential and life saving medicines and medical treatment available to all underprivileged and economically challenged section of the society across rural and urban regions of India.
Education - For children and adults across the underprivileged and economically challenged sections of the rural as well as urban society. Create a platform for financial assistance, students scholarships & adoption programs, parents awareness campaigns and through creating education support infrastructure.
Women Empowerment - Providing a platform for all women across the varied sections of the society for making a better living through education, skills development and employment programs, to support themselves and their families.
Environmental Sustainability - Focus on creating awareness towards sustainable environmental practices in terms of infrastructure development, alternative energy, conservation of resources and training people to be more conscious, responsible and accountable to the environment.
Natural Disaster Relief -
  Allcargo believes that every citizen and every organization private as well as public, has the moral, social and human obligation to support natural disaster effected citizens, by all possible means and forms. The only way to embrace or accept nature's fury on this planet is to lend a helping hand to each other in such disasters. Although we cannot control mother nature's extreme forms, but we can surely control the loss of human lives, due to it. With this endeavour, Allcargo proactively supports and initiates, relief programs for such effected regions in collaboration with local social entities and also government administration, such as:

Daily Supply of Water, Free of Cost to Drought Effected Areas of Maharashtra:

  The state of Maharashtra has witnessed the worst drought in its recent history. Over the course of the year larger regions in remote as well as major areas got severely effected by the acute shortage of water. Effecting lives of elderly citizens, children, adults, farm lands, live stocks, along with local economy as well.

In the month of May 2013, Allcargo initiated a relief program to support two of the most effected villages in the Beed district of the state in the Wadvani block, 'Harishchandra Pimpri' and 'Dukdegaon'. The program comprises continuous supply of water through tankers to these areas free of cost. With a capacity of 20,000 liters of water per tanker, the program provided two rounds of supply (40,000 liters of water) each day to the villagers. This program will be continued indefinitely. Allcargo has dedicated resources for this program, in terms of tankers, drivers, water suppliers, volunteers, who will be continuing this initiative till the areas receive natural supply of water through rains or is provided with alternative support system. This program was inaugurated at Beed districts headquarters, by Mrs. Manisha Tokle, social worker, Manavi Hakka Abhiyan. Through Avashya Foundation, this program was successfully implemented in collaboration with Rural Development Center a subsidiary of Manavi Hakka Abhiyan and the district administration.
Health Care -
  Allcargo through Avashya Foundation and in association with other NGOs support programs for preventive and curative healthcare across rural and urban regions of India. It focuses to create platform for making quality health care accessible and available to all underprivileged and economically challenged citizens through medical support schemes, surgery assistance and medical check-up camps, such as:
  Dedicated Medical Support Centre 'JEEVAN' at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General (LTMG) Hospital (Sion) in Mumbai -
  Allcargo has setup a dedicated medical support centre named 'Jeevan' at LTMG Hospital' one of Mumbai's largest public hospitals. Jeevan provides financial support for essential surgeries, ailment investigation, medicinal support, pre/post child birth maternal check ups, across ailments from Neurology, Orthopedics, ENT, Gynecology, Skin, Dental to specific critical illness such as to Cancer, Tuberculosis and others, for the underprivileged and the economically challenged citizens of the society. This program is operated with management support from the office of 'Major Hospitals of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)', lead by the director Dr Suhasini Nagda. The Social Works department attached to the hospital provides regular references of patients requiring immediate medical assistance, post which they are enrolled into this program. Till May 2013, over 237 patients have benefited through Jeevan in terms of immediate medical assistance for their ailments.
Cataract Diagnosis & Operations Program 'DRUSHTI' -
  Allcargo through association with the Lions Club, created a dedicated eye check-up program 'Dhrusti' for providing medical check-ups, diagnosis and surgery assistance for citizens suffering from cataract. This program was implemented across the region near Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Mumbai and has till May 2013 provided surgery assistance free of cost to over 350 patients for their cataract operations. In addition to the operations, Allcargo has also provides 'Spectacles' free of cost to over 245 patients across the eye check up camps in the JNPT region of Maharashtra. Such camps are also organized with local gram Panchayat bodies such as Senapati Hamirrao Mohite Samajik Sanstha. General medical check-up camps are also periodically organized by Allcargo in local schools as well as centers, to detect eye related ailments in children as well as adults and elderly citizens, free of cost. In association with the local Zilla Parishad of the JNPT region, over 510 citizens have benefited through these camps.
Leprosy Eradication & Awareness Programs -
  Allcargo in association with Alert India, has supported LEAP (Leprosy Elimination Action Program) initiative across Maharashtra. The program focuses on creating awareness about the diseases and eradication of social stigma about the illness. Over 500 patients were attended and counseled with this program, across the districts of Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, Nagpur, Amravati. Bhandara and Thane. In addition to the above Allcargo actively supports various NGOs including the Cancer Society.
Education -
Allcargo has always believed that the future of India rests on the foundation of education. Especially to our children, women in the society and also for adults who never got the necessary support to complete their fundamental schooling. Thus Allcargo through the 'Avashya Foundation' and in collaboration with various NGOs, proactively supports grass root education program and school infrastructure development across rural and urban regions of India, such as:
Construction of Three Schools at Pircon, Koproli & Pedgaon, in Raigad district of Maharashtra -
  Allcargo has refurbished/constructed three schools in the region of Maharashtra near Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust:
  At Pircon Village -
  In collaboration with Rayat Shikshan Sanstha, Allcargo refurbished 'Karamveer Bhaurao Patil School' in Pircon, Raigad district. The institution is part of a 90 year heritage of state education foundation and one of the 675 branches of the schooling system in rural areas of Maharashtra. With the new premise the school prolonged its social support to over 700 students, from junior kindergarten till secondary school certification. The new premise started teaching from the term of 2012.
  At Koproli Village -
  Allcargo constructed a new premise for an existing old 'Raigad Zilla Parishad' school for educating local children from first to seventh standard, The school started its term in the new premise from June 2012, with overall capacity of schooling over 170 students
  At Pedgaon Village -
  In collaboration with Raigad Zilla Parishad Allcargo constructed a new premise for an existing old school infrastructure, for students from first to fourth standard of schooling. With a capacity of over 150 students. The school started its term in the new premise in 2012
Students Adoption & Education Scholarship Programs
  Allcargo through Bants association has offered scholarship and adopted over 700 students across Maharashtra and Karnataka region, from the underprivileged as well as economically challenging sections of the society. The scholarships are given with the objectives of reducing the economic hardships of the students and enabling them to pursue quality education, preventing the likelihood of the drop out of the students facing economic hardships and encouraging educational mainstreaming of the deprived students in order to pave way for their brighter future. This scholarship provides access to quality education and support for completing schooling and pursuing higher education. Thus providing them much needed support for personal growth, skills development, social awareness and making them capable to pursue their dreams. This scholarship is provided upto graduation of the student from the respective institution. One of such programs was organized in March 2013 at Bunt Sangh's Institute at Kurla in Mumbai.
Support to Anando Project in Mumbai -
  Allcargo in association with 'Light of Life Trust (LOLT)' an NGO established in 2002 with a focus to transform the lives of the rural underprivileged, supported the 'Anando Project' in 2011. The project provided platform for 56 needy and vulnerable children to improve their schooling life with the help of alternative medium of education. Such as music, art of performance, multi functional and playful methodology of learning. The program also supported awareness sessions for parents of enrolled students to this innovative teaching methodology. LOLT with the assistance of Allcargo supports a center at Karjat in Mumbai for the enrolled students and their parents. Allcargo also actively supports Mother Teresa foundation in its initiatives towards education and orphanage initiatives.
Construction of Steel Railing on a River Footover Bridge -
  In the Bantwal Taluka of Karnataka, in the Rangel village, Allcargo constructed a steel railing structure to support the footover bridge passing through a river in the locality. This old bridge was used by locals and village children for daily commute, especially to the local municipal schools across the river. During monsoon season the river used to get filled with heavy flow of water, thus making commutation through it very dangerous, specially for children. Thus for four months of rain, children use to travel round about way of 2.5 kms, just to reach the school 800 meter away. In the past few children also lost their lives while trying to cross the bridge in rainy season.

Allcargo initiated the charter to construct a support steel railing structure over the bridge, in association with Rangel village and School Development & Management committee (SDMC) of Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat Higher Primary School (DKZP HPS), Naila. Post the construction, children of the village are now using the bridge for their commute to the municipal school without any risk to their lives and safety.
Distribution of Laptops for an Education Support Center in Dharavi (Mumbai) - Allcargo
  Allcargo in association with ACORN foundation, an NGO focused on working for the welfare of rag pickers & waste collectors across Mumbai, a disadvantaged community, and their families since 2008. Acorn has community centre in Dharavi which acts as an office, recycling centre, library and school for the rag pickers. The computer literacy classes are conducted in the evening at the Xavier's Technical College, at Mahim west. The volunteers of the foundation provide training to these children in basic computer education. Allcargo logistics has provided five laptops to Acorn Foundation with the object of making information technology accessible to the most marginalized section of the society. Presently the program supports over 100 children across Mumbai, for their computer awareness and literacy training.
Support to Isha Foundation based in Mumbai -
  Allcargo through the Mumbai Marathon 2013, supported an NGO Isha foundation, focused on women education in India, malnutrition eradication programs and medical support to women.
Support to Akanksha Foundation based in Mumbai -
  The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organization with the vision to equip all students with education, skills and character they need to lead empowered lives. The foundation initiated school reform through 'The School Project', and by providing a supplemental education through the Akanksha centers across Mumbai and all over India. Allcargo has committed its support to the causes of this organization through periodic donations to its programs.
Support Education through Donations to Institutions -
  Allcargo through Avashya Foundation and in collaboration with NGOs supports various educational initiatives for underprivileged and economically challenged children, by providing donations to institutions such as National Education Society, as financial assistance in terms of enrollment fees of underprivileged children from Dharavi region of Mumbai. Allcargo also supports education program for SVS High School & College located in the state of Karnataka. Below are institutions supported by Allcargo across Maharashtra specifically in and around the Mumbai region
Raigad Zilla Parishad schools at Pircon, Koproli and Pedgaon
Phunde School near JNPT
SMS College at Dombivali
Arathi & SK Shetty College of Information Technology at Kurla
Women Empowerment -
Allcargo believes that empowerment of a women in our country, is the most important social variable for making tremendous improvements in our society, culture and values we treasure as a nation. Every women has the right to her education, safety and social upliftment. Every women in this country must be given extra support for pursuing her personal, family and professional goals, especially from the underprivileged and economically challenged section of the society. Allcargo proactively supports women focused social programs related to education, skills development, mother care, health and employment opportunity creation, such as:
In association with 'Sahachari Foundation' Allcargo supported the women's self employment & safety project 'Cab by the
  women for the women' by providing financial assistance through donation. Thus supporting the purchase of one taxi cab
  for a female citizen (Ms Nayantara Janadhan) residing in Delhi, which will be used by her to sustain her employment and
Allcargo also supported the nursing education program of Women's India Trust (WIT) in 2013 for imparting skills
  development and education particularly in the domain of nursing for women. WIT is a charitable organization established
  in the year 1968, for providing training to less privileged and unskilled women in Mumbai. WIT has helped numerous
  women to develop skills and earn a regular income, thus changing their lives.
Environmental Sustainability -
With a key focus on sustainable environment, Allcargo promotes and embraces environment friendly policies across its organizational practices and infrastructure development, such as:
Association with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) -
  As an active member of BNHS, Allcargo imparts awareness and education programs to all stakeholders internally and externally on sustainable environmental practices. These periodic sessions are held across facilities to update and bring forth developments in practical application of sustaining a clean & green environment.
Association with Greenpeace:
  Allcargo has implemented awareness programs and sessions in association with Greenpeace for internal stakeholders, with a focus on conserving energy. A series of sessions on 'True Cost of Electricity' was conducted across Allcargo's office highlighting the process of electricity generation, its challenges, de-forestation, and its environmental impacts.
Utilization of Solar Panels -
  Allcargo has committed through its infrastructure development, operations and adoption of alternative mediums of energy generation and distribution. Allcargo has embraced use of solar panels to meet its demand for energy requirements and excess supply is diverted back to the state level grids for utilization by other citizens. Allcargo's facilities across Mumbai have solar panels as one of the mediums of energy generation for its daily operations